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Alternate way of getting the game ?

posted by Jackill on - last edited - Viewed by 211 users

Hello there everyone.
Im becomming slightly desperate.
It seems that there is no way for me to get the game as Im having a great problems with online purchase :(

- Payment by credit card - problem number one is that I have no emboss credit card.
- PP Payment - PayPal neither works for me because of the same reason plus there is no way I can alternativly get funds onto PP account (as Czech version doesnt support such transfers) :mad:
- Wire transfer - "Is not availiable for my location" as Im being told while trying it.

Is there any trick, exception, whatever (eg. me sending money directly to TTG account)?

I just NEED the game! Cant live without it :p

Please help?


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  • I'm afraid these are the only options. :(

    Do you know anyone with a credit card or a PayPal account who could help you out?

  • Hello Emily...
    *Sigh*...thats not good..
    I think I can find someone...but I wanted to solve it myself so I dont bother anyone you know...
    You think there is no way to utilize wire transfer? Me sending money directly to TTGames under agreed transaction receiving money and providing me acces to download page?

    I think this way would be appriciated by lot of people in the same situation as me.

    Well if not then I guess I'll have to speak to my buddies.


  • Our payments are entirely handled by Digital River, so if the site is telling you that wire transfer isn't available in your location, that must be a restriction on their end. Because of the way our store and our contract with DR are set up, we can't just have people send us money and send back a game - the transactions need to go through DR.

    So in the Czech Republic you can only use PayPal with a credit card?

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