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I made a mistake, would you so me a favor?

posted by NeatNit on - last edited - Viewed by 151 users

Okay, well, I have all S&M seasons as well as ToMI on Steam. LOVE THEM.

However, after the one-day delay for Sammun-Mak on Steam, I did some more thinking and decided to get them all here from Telltale.

So I started by getting Season 3 with the Puzzle agent discount...

Two days later, the entire Sam & Max collection is available for $30 with a cupon (which I can get from a friend). Ouch!!
Anyway, I was wondering if my first order of Puzzle Agent + Season 3 can be reversed, so that I can get the entire collection :)
(I'll also get PA and ToMI with that, probably!)

I've sent an email to support@, and I completely understand why I did not get a response yet. Honestly I cannot believe the quality of Telltale's games and how you listen to the community so much, with such short deadlines. But, I've seen in other threads here that they get responses faster, and with the deal ending in june 2 I kind of need a response fast.

I will not be mad if you choose not to reverse my order, as it was my mistake really.. But I thought I might as well give it a shot :)
If it matters, I didn't touch the downloads yet (I already played it all on Steam).

By the way, when I send a second email, with the support ticket in the subject ("issue-31538"), am I supposed to get a second automated message? I got the first but not the second. Well the second one wasn't really important anyway, just curious.

Also I noticed the S&M collection is not affected by Puzzle Agent's discount. Either it's a glitch or (more likely) it's intended and someone forgot to mention it ;)
Does not affect me!

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