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Mac TOMI is Adware that doesn't quit

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I paid of the TOMI series for Mac but I have a few complaints.

1. They don't have sensible defaults. Moreover I have to change the graphics settings for every chapter- why not share that information? Also, what's with the cinema bars? let me use my full screen please. Thanks!

2. That *$%#!@ pop-up where I have to click "Launch-Game". First off, I pay by the MB on an expensive 3g network. What a pain to have to remember to disconnect before I launch so YOU don't waste my dollars. At the very least there must be an option to turn that popup off.

3. I paid for adware? What's with the pop-up ad for ttg every time I exit. There a big [expletive] Buy Now button. Pop-under ads are kind of 1990, every HATES that. Everyone. At the very least there should be a "never show this again checkbox"

4. And a quit button. I don't know about the other versions but the Mac version is missing a quit button on the dirty sinful pop-under ad. Moreover you forgot to include quit in the program menu, at least in ch 5, and you didn't link Command-Q to quit. Very un-maclike. At least it's a very easy fix. I've been force-quitting. Command-W also doesn't work. I didn't even realize the close button does because I just always use the keyboard and no other program I have ever ever ever encountered has this issue. I could click the close button...if my cursor didn't disappear.

So you can see that that little bastard pop-under is causing a lot of issues. At the very least you need a user option for disabling it. I would recommend killing it completely. If you must have ads put a one-line-of-text vertical headline scroller on the main menu of the game. Include an option to disable it.

If you plan on updating the game to remove the in-your-face-uncloseable ads
then all is well, I'm happy you're responsive to feedback. If not consider this my request for a refund as I paid you for a game, not a billboard. Of course, you can PM me or email me if need be.


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