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Best Part of the trilogy?

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So, what was your favourite film in the trilogy? What parts were memorable?
Personally, it's a toss up between the first and the last film for me. Both had so many memorable lines!

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  • I guess the first is a timeless classic.
    But what makes BttF stick out compared to many other trilogies is, that they all feel like one huge movie, and not like part 2 and 3 were just pulled out to make more money.

  • For me it's Part 2 for much of the same reasons that LeChuck's Revenge is my favorite Monkey Island game. The story and action were stepped up, the stakes were higher, and the movie was darker and less silly (not meant as an insult to it) than the admittedly fantastic third movie. It had that logical progression and it played out perfectly. It's one of the few perfect sequels and I love it.

  • Ooh that's a tough one. I've had to go for the first one as it's simply brilliant. But I love the 2nd & 3rd just as much really.

  • I have to say Part III, I really enjoyed Part I but the 3rd film was really awesome. Even though Part II was also good, I can't say it was really much of a favorite for me; it had nothing too compare with the other films. But, what I enjoyed about all the films (And I wish I could vote for them all) is that they all stayed into the plot, and it smoothly ran that way up until the very end.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    Ohh, must I choose only one? It would have to be between Part 1 and Part 2.

    Part 1 is just a beautiful movie in so many ways. It has some awesome moments, particularly the one where George decks Biff, and the dance scene where Marty is fading away but resolidifies instantly when the music swells and George and Lorraine kiss... always makes me go "yay!".

    What I liked most about Part 2 was the messed up timelines, going back to 1955 and seeing Marty work around what he'd done the first time he was there. And the scene where Doc meets his past self is lovely. There is some good stuff in the 2015 scenes as well.

    I'd have to watch them back-to-back to properly make up my mind, but Part 1 is probably the most special for me.

  • I've loved Part 2 since I was a kid. I'm a sucker for lots of time traveling, paradoxes, duplicates, seeing what happened in the last movie kind of stuff. Love it.

  • Part II- The whole going to 2015 (I don't think we're going to get flying cars, hoverboard or a news clippings of a Queen Diana by then but it still was awesome to see). Plus I liked the whole Biff taking the Almanac and using the time machine for evil. Made the story interesting.

  • Part I is the best, but Part II is my favorite

  • I voted Part II, I'm not really sure why but it's just always been my favorite one.

  • I like them all, and almost want to say part 2, but I think I'd have to hand it to #1 just for being the one that works best standalone.

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