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Telltale @ E3 2010

posted by Lindsay Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 922 users

So I wrote out a long post about us being at E3 on my phone (slaved over the tiny keys) only to have my submit timeout and then erase any record of my work.

And so - I'm keeping it short and sweet!

Yes, we are at E3, woo! Yes, we haven't exactly been loose lipped about our new titles. Yes, we do have a hoverboard and no, you can't have it (muahhah!)

Since we're here, I thought it would be cool to get you guys some more information as it is released and provide an outlet for questions, either about the games, or not. Questions like, what kind of dinosaur would Dave Grossman be? Or, if you could travel in time, when would you travel to and what would you bring?

I'll also be twittering it up, I'll do some kind of trivia during the California lunchtime, likely the prize will be digital for easy remote distribution on my part.

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