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Jennifer - From Hot to Meh

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Will Telltale be redesigning her (if she in it at all) a third of the way in?

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  • You do realize that Jennifer was recast because the first actress's mom had cancer, right?

  • @GuruGuru214 said: You do realize that Jennifer was recast because the first actress's mom had cancer, right?

    No I didn't, fu...

  • You thought Elisabeth Shue was MEH?!? I think even pushing 50 years old now she is still pretty attractive.... but maybe thats just me

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    Oh, we're discussing Jennifer now? :D

    As always, there are many reasons for finding Jennifer "meh" in BTTF II and III. None of them have to do with Elisabeth Shue's attractivity. She's WOW. :D

    Here's a short list:
    [*]In the first movie, Jennifer (Claudia Wells) is a very self-confident woman. She is the one to tell Marty that he should have a little more self-esteem, she's the cool girl who tries to smuggle Marty in class when he's too late.
    [*]From part II on, Jennifer's (Elisabeth Shue's) role is marginalized. Bob Gale has acknowledged that the ending of BBTF I was actually more of a parody and that having Jennifer with our heroes in the DeLorean actually destroyed the dynamics between Doc & Marty. Consequently, they had to get rid of her pretty fast.
    [*]From then on, her role is that of the panicking girl and the sleeping beauty. That's pretty meh, but not to be avoided.
    [*]Because of the storyline, she keeps wearing that ridiculous blue girly-dress, which might have fitted Claudia Wells for the two minutes that she wore it on-screen, but definitly not Elisabeth Shue for the entirety of BTTF II and III.

    So, essentially: If she's included, let her be type-BTTF-Jennifer and give her something new to wear. :D

  • Looks wise this topic should be titled - Jennifer - From Hot to Realistic

  • And still: Elizabeth Shue is one sexy lady... still is!

  • @Secret Fawful

    Oh my, actually i think she looks a lot better nowadays. But, wow, i found Scarlett Johansson in Matchpoint breathtaking, i still do. Oh and whilst we're at it, don't miss Allen's The Curse of the Jade Scorpion!

  • They could actually make her a playable character

  • I never got how Clara could be considered more memorable than Jennifer. Jennifer is the heart of Marty's future. Clara got to be on a Drew Struzan poster, but Jennifer didn't and hardly anyone ever remembers her or mentions her when talking about BTTF, and that makes me angry.

  • I blame her Haute Couture, i mean the lack of any. :O)

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