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Max's gift

posted by The_Hamburgaler on - last edited - Viewed by 375 users

In the trailer for episode three (THEY STOLE MAX"S BRAAAAAAIN!.....) Sam magyvers a new little buddy by putting a new brain in his corpse. This raises some questions.

We can assume that this is not max's brain, because of the voice, and if we had his brain, then why is their even a case?

But then the new max uses the rhinoplasty.


Does that mean that the gift is in the body? Or Does the other person have it... and its in the brain... But then the brain on skunkapes ship... ARGGHH! BRAIN MELT!

I hope people are putting two and two together and realizing this, but if not, I did it for you.

What do you guys think. Another person with the gift? The Body has the gift? What?

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