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For the Episode 3 release

posted by Wickywoo on - last edited - Viewed by 639 users

Is it possilbe, that since you have to wait till the exact time GameTap posted the game, that you could tell us that time to save hours of refresh and timekilling on the forums?

You know "Sam and Max Episode 3, Feb 5th at 8:23PM pacific" or something

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  • I think I will just wait until the day after to get on this site for Episodes 3-6... I spent way too much time on here... when I should be studying for exams.

  • @WickyWoo

    Ultra posse nemo obligatur. ;O)

  • Not only is it probably going to be really hard to meet those times exactly, it's also a recipe to crash download servers as literally everyone will come in at once.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    We don't have to wait until the exact minute GameTap releases the game. That would be pretty extreme!

    A last minute bug came up in Situation: Comedy- it was discovered last night - which caused us to have to backtrack a bit to get things working, and it pushed us into late afternoon when we were in fact aiming to get the game up about 4 hours ago. Sorry about that!

  • That's alright, as long as it's bug free. (Or as close as any human can get;) )

  • dg10050 is absolutely right! You shouldn't ever release a buggy s&m episode. I would rather wait some hours (or even days) than to play a not properly working game...

  • By the way, thanks telltale for releasing such a great game! I didn't recognize any bugs and had a lot of fun!!

  • Personally, I waited for the e-mail that said it was ready for download. ;)

  • [quote]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    We don't have to wait until the exact minute GameTap releases the game. That would be pretty extreme![/quote]

    Sorry, that was the impression I got from Episode 1

    Then is there any way you can have it autopost at midnight or something? I can't stand waiting for anything, and I'd rather you just state 12:01AM February 5th than have you say the 4th and be sitting around refreshing and wondering you know?

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    The problem with it autoposting at midnight is that... it's midnight. We'd all be asleep. If something exploded nobody would be there to clean it up. As a test, episode 2 was set to autorelease at 11 am pacific time, though we didn't tell anyone that, because we wanted to see if it was going to work out, as we haven't done a timed deploy before. It didn't exactly go smoothly, obviously, but we learned a lot and will be working to improve episode deployment with the next episode. We aren't exactly happy with the way the Episode 2 launch rolled out, and don't want that to happen again.

    Note: That's not to say that future episodes will use an autorelease, or will be set to come out at 11am pacific time, just that next time it will be less awkward!

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