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Things to do inside the Mind of a Brain in a Jar

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Yes it's the annual monthly "Did you use your Power?" list, complete with a Sammun-Mak side!

For Previous Episodes, go here:

[LIST]The Penal Zone, Alternate Thread

[LIST]The Tomb of Sammun-Mak[/LIST]

Psychic Powers:

[LIST]Telephone = Teleportation: When used, you can teleport to any location that has a phone. If you have memorized that number that is.[/LIST]

[LIST]3D Viewmaster = Future Vision: This power is one of the far of most powerful Toys that you can unlock; when used you may view certain parts of the future.[/LIST]

[LIST]Rhinoplasty = Shapeshifting: This innocent hunk of clay is actually the key to transforming into an innanimate object. To use, smear the clay on a picture of an object and then transform into that object.[/LIST]

Using the Powers:



-Papierwaite's Office
-Plantarium Entrance
-Information Desk
-Egypt Exibit

*Brain Max*

-COPS Phone
-Stinky's Cell
-Frankie the Rat's hideout
-Gift Vault[/LIST]


[LIST]*The Musuem*

-Use on Dog Hybrid Skull
-Use on Zepplin
-Use on Map of New York
-Use on Pyramid

*Changed Reality*

-Use on Meesta Pizza Credit Card
-Use on Storm Picture
-Use on Toaster Picture[/LIST]

Future Vision

[LIST]*The Musuem*

-Use on Sam in the normal areas of the Musuem and in Papierwaite's Office
-Use on Sal before and after getting him beaten up
-Use on Giant Gorilla before and after getting Sal beaten up
-Use on Yog-Soggoth tapestry

*Alternate Reality*

-Use on Stinky
-Use on Grandpa Stinky

-Use on The Rats (This is mostly a puzzle)
-Use on the radio

-Use on Sal before and after giving him "The Toaster"
-Use on Sign Spinner
-Use on Sam before and after you get Sammun-Mak a "gift" (Please note this part of the game is full of Sam related Future Visions, it's hard to get Max to use it on him but it's possible)

-Use on Sammun-Mak
-Use on Papierwaite
-Use on Moles
-Use Skun-ka'pe

-Use on Cultist Moles
*The End*

-Use on Skunkape
-Use on Sam
-Use on Papierwaite[/LIST]

Wow, I'm done! Now I wonder what happens in... Beyond the Alley of the Dolls.

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  • @Remolay said: already exists -

    @Remolay said: Though this one is nicely formatted and sequential.

    ...and this one is purely focused on the psychic powers.

  • @Hayden said: ...and this one is purely focused on the psychic powers.

    I also post where and what those floating images are in Max's mind, as well as trophies. At a later time.

    Check in the hint section. At a later time. Like when the Season is over.

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