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want my money back order revoke.. no reply

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users

I have been very patient..

made posts.. pms.. emails...


its been MONTHS since placing it.. and i demand service.. ive asked about this for weeks.. no reply..

I want my money back.
plain and simple..

you have not updated me.. nor do you seem to care to... i just want my money back.. and if i do make future purchases i will not use codes of discount to do so..

Id rather have my items .. but.. seems no one can get on the ball and reply..

this is my 2nd thread.. still no resolution.

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  • You are in the same boat as myself. They have been unable to provide me what i ordered. Now, I am unable to even get a reply when i ask to cancel my order. If Telltale desires for me (and others) to even consider buying a product from them in the future, they neet to get their act together FAST. Maybe hiring a sufficient staff for customer service rather than relying on fanboys to defend you in your forums. I don't want to hear from anyone who does not work for Telltale about canceling my order. (I know you are just trying to help guys/gals but you can not.)

  • I'm gonna answer anyway :)

    If your order includes the 'Tales Of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition', that was a preorder, and it is being shipped now, starting this week. So it'll only require a bit more patience.

    In any case, Telltale's customer support is a bit overloaded at the moment, so getting a reply could take some time.

  • @2ndbiggestusername said: You are in the same boat as myself. They have been unable to provide me what i ordered.

    Like the user above me stated, it was a preorder. PREORDER PREORDER PREORDER. I am pretty sick of people thinking preorder means they will have it instantly. I've had things on preorder for well over a year before. You preorder to get things when they are done, not in the next 10 minutes. If you decided you don't want the items anymore, cool, then say that, don't act like this is Telltale's fault for not shipping the product in under 12 minutes.


    In 2000 som game-stores let you preorder Duke Nukem Forever. Most of them no longer exist.

  • excuse me Shodanfreeman..

    you are VASTLY missing the point.. in a HUGE way

    I have ISSUES with the order.. not just the PREORDER fact.. problems with other parts of the order that I DID MENTION WERE IN ANOTHER THREAD.

    I want to cancel my order and that alone should be reason enough for customer support REGARDLESS OF MY REASON.. or IF YOU LIKE IT..

    what you think matters not.. im a consumer.. and ive paid money..
    I want it back.. period..

    i want this due to the insane lack of support in my previous questions

    (ONE OF WHICH WAS "did you mail me my season 2 dvd or did i just pay for it as its not in my collection case with all my telltale merch that came with the same order lot")

    this is just ONE OF MANY

    next ten minutes.. yea its been months and with NOT REPLY.. even if you preorder at amazon you can get a reply from SOMEONE if you have issues.. and you can ALWAYS cancel the damned order..

    this IS telltales fault.. for not shipping correctly and not keeping people informed as well as the staggering lack of support that MANY others so blatantly see..
    sorry fanboy..

    I once wanted a TTG tattoo .. so dont get me wrong .. i love the company.. but after emily left.. its been S*@t in the help dept.. (sorry bonnie you just are overworked!)

    id love to offer help for free to telltale.. but they would never accept it.. soo .. there is an issue there..

    Preorder shmeeorder..

    I even at once suggested that i was allowed to cancel my order and re order the things that were in and order the things that were not in and pay separate shipping just so i could get the items out now .. now..

    NO REPLY.. sooo

    go eat a bran muffin and sit somewhere dark and think about how lame and idiotic your post.. and my reply to

    telltale.. reply.. ive sent many emails.. do you really like to force fans to call corp or the bbb or get small claims involved knowing you would lose due to failure to reply about the goods purchased?


    might want think about this a bit ... more carefully.. esp when im a huge fanboy as well.. and a potential forever customer.. but .. hey .. who cares right?


  • They are not required by law to update you a single time for a preorder, and yet they posted numerous times on the forums whenever they had new rough estimates of shipping dates. Preorder means you are PREORDERING the product, so that when it does become available in the NEAR FUTURE (omg, 3 months! it's an eternity!) you are among the first to receive it. There is absolutely no promise of a shipment date given upon a preorder, and any date you see is an estimate at best until they officially confirm a shipment date. As I've said to 500000 other people crying about this, if you don't understand what a preorder is or aren't comfortable with them, WAIT UNTIL THE PRODUCT IS SHIPPING BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER.

    You obviously don't even understand what the term preorder means if you think that somehow TTG screwed you over by not shipping the product in less than three months. They made a poor initial estimate of when the merchandise would be done, big deal, it's not like they busted into your house and murdered your kitten. You wanted the merch enough to order it, but not enough to wait for them to finish making it? The deluxe edition and all merch is shipping as of now.

    PS: Please stop throwing out empty threats every time something doesn't go 100% the way you want it to. I think this is the 3rd or 4th time you've pulled out the "I'M GONNA CALL THE BBB ON YOU, TTG" card. You know you're not going to, so please stop.

    I apologize for being so abrasive on this subject, but I really am sick and tired of people whining about it as though they were misled into thinking it was something other than a preorder, because they weren't.

  • ok first who the heck said anything about required to update me about preorders?
    how old are you again?

    ONCE AGAIN SHODANFreeman and I will try to not attack you.. as this is a plea for help from telltale not here for you to flame or troll me.

    I have more issues than the delay with my order.

    This ruins and defeats any and all posts you make about attacking my intelligence in regards to PRE-ORDERS.

    Empty threats?
    TTG are recognized by the BBB
    and I have reported other business's for far less and they usually reply due to knowing its bad not to reply when it gets to where the civil lawyers take it to claims court.

    And this is California...not Wisconsin here we have lawyers for anything... dont you know that?

    3rd time about the BBB?
    I believe its the 2nd .... and yes I will do it as its part of the civil process if my money isn't returned properly (as telltale claims they will cancel orders to help pre-orders or and issues.. but again no reply)

    its not like the money isnt going to go RIGHT back into telltale

    Right now Ive asked to cancel my order.. period.

    my reasons far exceed the Pre order time frame.

    You are not in control Shodan even if your name does flipping rock its better than paleman imo.. (shodan FAV villain of all time, probably game but i digress)

    Your opinion matter to me on this subject but you turning the thread about canceling my order into a flame is not acceptable.
    So continue to blow your own horn.. you are totally off base and some might come here and flame you back as they would agree with me if they only had a brain.

    Ive pre-ordered items for years as well and never had these kind of issues mate.
    So.. yea..

    also ONCE again..

    telltale KNOWS the pre-ordering of some items with others might delay the shipping.
    With this knowledge they openly suggest canceling orders and re ordering with the stuff in stock and a separate order for the stuff not in stock.
    BUT telltale will NOT REPLY to even do this..(as I stated above)

    Once again.. this makes all you posted.. redundant and defeated..

    And get a dictionary for god sake. I know my syntax is off but that how I post.
    This is a complaint not a whine
    There is a difference.
    Whining has no point.. no goal...other than to whine.. and unless my reply has been childish.. which it has not, and not in anyone's opinion but yours this is a complaint .. even if you see it as fabrication or conjecture or whatever paradigm your goggles have on atm...

    Ive posted many orders with telltale and been there for this company since its start.. as most here have..
    Ive NEVER had issues until Emily left.. ever

    ive asked questions.. months to reply..
    anyone should find most of these things when buying anything.. unacceptable.

    esp long standing consumers.. realize what you will lose in the end? or does the corp just not care..
    whats one fan we have thousands muahaha..
    that's how i really feel.. and that is not right.


    also a note..

    I can find many posts where you just attack me.. so.. carry on.. PALE MAN..

    ---Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial existence? When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.--
    -- I am SHODAN! --

  • I'll assume this Pale man troll doesn't exist and thank Didero for at least giving a civil bit of information. I will have to just wait for them to get back to me in response my e-mail. That does not mean I am happy about it.

  • Every single piece of MI merchandise and the new S&M merch was a preorder, and your last thread indicates that your only problem at all with the order was that your merch hadn't shipped yet, so yes, it was entirely a preorder issue.

    Your question about why your order was taking so long was answered about 500 different times by myself and others in your thread and several other threads on the EXACT SAME ISSUE, so I don't know why you're still complaining that you were ignored and no information was presented and that they want to incinerate your dog.

    The reason Telltale takes forever to reply is partially because of people submitting 50 tickets repeatedly for the same issue. When Emily was still doing support, they had FAR less customers and INFINITELY less tickets per day. It's not like Emily was superhuman or something, if she were the only person full-time on support right now, she would be backed up beyond belief as well. Do TTG need another support employee? Yes, desperately, but that doesn't mean they're ignoring you or that they don't care, because that couldn't be further from the truth. Right now they've had about 20 different things go wrong (or be perceived as going wrong) all at once unexpectedly and they don't have the resources to respond instantly. The 40,000 "omg why hasn't my stuff shipped?" tickets were likely not a high priority for them to respond to or deal with, since it's a non-issue and a nonsensical thing to complain about, given that it was, in fact, a preorder.

    But whatever, I'm leaving this thread alone now.

  • I don't want to get involved in any silly fanboy/troll arguements, but for the record, Kaldire has no legal case here. Trying to take this up with a lawyer or soliciter would be a massive waste of your time.

    If you're unhappy with the goods for whatever reason, in future don't pre-order with little knowledge about something that won't we know won't be sent for several months.

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