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Sam and Max Playstation Network Avatars: WANT!

posted by NickContra on - last edited - Viewed by 207 users

That's it, really. We as users have an (understandable) inability to use custom images for our online PSN avatars. I get it, pictures of penises, etc. would be prevalent. But I am forced to settle for Daxter to represent my account.

While Daxter is nice, an account called "SamAndMax4Ever" NEEDS THE SAM AND MAX AVATAR ACTION.

Please please please PLEASE, Telltale, submit some avatars to the playstation network for download so we can hail the awesome - in tiny picture form! I would even pay, though of course I'd rather not.

Thank you and good day.:D

Edit: I just rethought my wording on that poll, and am unable to change it. I should have just said "would you pay for the avatars", rather than trying to force an amount. Also, the "Yes, if I had to. But I'd rather not." option should have continued with "Pay, that is. I'd use the avatars." Also I actually would like to change my vote from "Yes, if I had to" to "Yes! I want to pay" - I really wouldn't mind paying a small fee to make the avatarage happen. Please forgive my ham-handedness. I'm new on this board.

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