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and i wait and waaaaaait and waaaaaaaaait

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Some news for the 2. epis of sam and max for ipad.
cant be so difficult to give a message to the customers when and if the next episodes are hitting!
or is it ?????
an impatient man from switzerland

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  • They have given some info on this here, like this quote:

    @Psy said: The second episode of The Devil's Playhouse was significantly larger than originally intended, both in terms of graphics complexity and sheer data size. Dealing with both of those on the iPad, a platform that we're already pushing to the limit, has made releasing the rest of season 3 incredibly problematic. I won't say that it's not coming out on the iPad since we're still considering it, but we don't have a set date.

    Trust me, we've taken steps to ensure that future games can be ported to the iPad without these problems and we've already demonstrated Puzzle Agent on the iPad... we're not cutting out the platform or anything!

  • @corruptbiggins said: They have given some info on this here, like this quote:

    The more I read that quote, it sounds suspiciously like "forget about it, it's never coming out.". I think they should update the main website, as well as the description of the iPad app in the app store, with that linked quote.

  • Huh.... I never realized that Episode 2 caused problems for the rest of Season 3, ah well.. This is what Telltale gets for releasing the iPad version early.

  • IN YOUR FACE, iPad people! You get the first episode early, but let's see YOU waiting and waiting for the other! Hahaha! Hahahahahaha!!!

    Oh I needed that.

    IMO you don't lose much at all if you get the PC/Mac version here too.

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