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I wonder what happens in....Beyond the Alley of the Dolls

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If you were writing the next episode, what would you have happen? Who would your main villain be?

Personally, I'd have it be Papierwaite for a twist on what happened in the cliffhanger. The first puzzle would be Sam and Max escaping from the clones. Then, they'd have to save various familiar characters (mama bosco, grandpa stinky and the COPS) from the clones.
Next, they would locate the base of Dr. Norrington and bust in, only to discover that Dr. Norrington is just a giant cross-dimensional computer. Sam and Max would then be trapped in the base and have to solve puzzles to escape.
Finally, they would return to the straight and narrow where Papierwaite reveals that it is all a trick and attacks them but is defeated.
The cliffhanger would be Max touching the Devil's Toybox and accidentally summoning Yog-Soggoth.

What do you think should happen?

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