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Help the developers.

posted by Hank the Lumberjack on - Viewed by 80 users

This thread is meant to help the developers by giving tips for the Sam and Max series. If you have useful additions for the games to come, post them here.

Here's some stuff that came to my mind:

- Add the old 'wheeee' sound when Max is in the way for more diversity.

- Add the old mouse control (single or double clicking on the screen) as an option in the menu. The new one isn't a problem for me, but I've seen people playing the new method having difficulties.

- Either slightly lower 500-2000 Hz in the music and ambience sound using sound equalizer (creating space for talking frequencies), or decrease sound volume when voice chatting.

- Change the sounds that are repeating oftenly by slowing or speeding up by -0.7% - +0.3%. It changes the pitch slightly. This worked well in Donkey Kong 64 (N64), only they diversed too much.

- When using the gun, every time you use it wrong, it's going back to the stash. When you need to check if it works oftenly you have to take it again to try again. I liked the old use of the gun better. (Of course, gun using is bad and should not be encouraged, except in fairytales.)

- Multiple endings and/or storypaths (this was great in "Blade Runner") would be nice.

Sam & Max games are awesome! Keep on the good work.

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