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Season one CD Version ideas pool.

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Hi there ! Quite some time i ve not posted... wait... that was last episode ;)

I think that would be nice to have an idea pool of what we would like to see in the CD Version of Season 1.

1) Real implementation of the episodes into a single package
I will go a little into the detail:
I don't want 6 executables or a frontend with 6 buttons. No i want a single game.

Starting with a unique intro at the beginning of episode 1 and a unique ending at the end of episode 6
A meddley of the ending credits music would be fine, and if some staff members leave or join then just do a
Episode 1 Staff
Epîsode 2 Staff
(like in movies when there are several shooting teams)

What in between then ?
Some simple intermission like Sam and Max back to the office saying some funny line with a it is good to be home kind of stuff, fading screen to a night sky with a owling night owl (hoo hoooo) then fade to black. Then some morning scenery with the sun rising, the morning music of Day of The Tentacle and some jokes different each time, like sleeping cat falling off the office window because of some sound that frightened it, a sleepwalker-bird arriving (with snore sound or something) crashing into the closed window.
Then the usual episode start but with a white semi-transparent episode title in the middle fading into full transparency.

2) If possible, better compression. I don't know how big the episodes will be, but pressing a 500MB master or a 700MB one in the replication plants costs the same (afaik), so lets put the remaining space to good use (and not a bone demo, we all already have them ;) )

3) If possible, a box with a new Steve Purcell art masterpiece :D

4) Imho, the way you treat the 6in1 package thing will influence the cult status of the 1st season. So take your time !

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  • Most important thing for me is, that the cd won't require any activations again. You'll only get it when you ordered it, so that's the prove you paid for it.

    Furthermore it would be nice to see a nice cd layout / package layout.

  • I'd like to see all of the machinima shorts on the disk and maybe some behind the scenes stuff. A comic creator utility would be nice and of course the activation stuff nemisi talked about.

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    Yeah, a collection of videos from the website would be sweet. I'm not to keen on the stringing-it-all-together-as-one-big-game idea, though. It'd be to much like making a movie by stringing 6 sitcom episodes together. Being able to choose them from one in-game menu would be good though. You could change the background images based on which episode you played last, sort of like what happens in Half-Life 2. Some specially-created artwork would be sweet too, just to make it more of a cult collector's item. Which is sold on eBay for $226 dollars in the year 2021.

  • what i was thinking all day about and now am glad to have found a thread to post it into (hate starting new threads with my first post) is this:

    i would really really love receiving a bonus cd with the season one package containing parts of the soundtrack so i can go ahead sawing off the roof of my car and get a genuine desoto feeling :cool:

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