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Glitches in 304

posted by tbm1986 on - last edited - Viewed by 287 users

The ones I've noticed so far are:-
[LIST][*]misplacing of Sam & Max when coming out of a psychic power close-up (once in Stinky's Diner and once on the control platform)
[*]Max turning into a gun for a load of dialogue when they entered (I think it was) Momma Bosco's lab for the first time
[*]Max mode: sometimes after using a power, clicking on a hotspot does nothing
[*]Max mode: cursor sometimes gets stuck as the image used when that power is over a hotspot (and clicking on hotspots does nothing) and sometimes reverts to normal cursor even though a toy has been selected (but then this fault has occurred in all episodes so far)[/LIST]

Other peeps please add bugs you spot.

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