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Sam and Max slow/choppy video

posted by luigi6699 on - last edited - Viewed by 531 users

I bought Sam and Max 30x on Steam and have been playing the games on my Macbook pro. They've worked very well, until I started with episode 304. The introduction (before the theme song) runs OK; not really smooth unless I turn down the resolution to 800x600, but I've had that before with the earlier games. Once the cutscene starts inside Stinky's though, it's VERY choppy. Like 1 frame every 2 seconds kind of choppy. Audio is mostly unaffected. This persists into the gameplay; even the mouse movement is so slow and delayed as to be unusable!

I turned all the video settings down to their minimums, and didn't see any improvement. I restarted my computer, and now I can't even launch the game! The game menu never appears, I just get nasty corrupted graphics. If I hit shift-tab to see the steam community options, that screen displays fine. But I cannot get to the main menu at all. If I quit with Apple+Q, I get a very brief flash of the menu as it's quitting.

I have tried running 302 since then, and it runs fine. Only 304 has this problem. It was unplayable at first, and now it's TRULY unplayable!

Any advice? This seems like a pretty major glitch that someone else would have noticed by now!

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