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Sam & Max in IZ3D [Devil's Playhouse SPOILERS GALORE!!!]

posted by Laserschwert on - Viewed by 85 users

A thread like this has already been opened in the ToMI subforum, so I guess a S&M-themed IZ3D thread is in order as well.

With the engine update for "The Devil's Playhouse", S&M is already looking better than ever. But with the current stereoscopic hype going on, I've tried my hands on the free IZ3D driver, which I've configured to work with the anaglyphic green/magenta glasses that came with my "Coraline" Blu-ray.

And wow, some of the scenes look just gorgeous this way! Unfortunately the games themselves aren't really playable like this, since the 3D-settings have to be adjusted for pretty much each and every camera angle. Although it would be awesome if Telltale integrated stereoscopics into their engine, I guess the extra work to fine-tune each episode would be prohibitive for an episodic release.

Here's a bunch of screens to enjoy (for green/magenta glasses):

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