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Futures that never came true (minor spoilers)

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The Future Vision is not the most realiable tool when comes to seeing the future and show many visions that haven't come true yet or may never come. We all know that you can change what you see through your actions and therefore can render all FV a mere possibilitie, since like you first vision (the fight with Skun'kape) never came true any action took by you, maybe even the solo act of seeing them may change the outcome.

Here are some visions that never came true (yet):

-Skun'kape fight (what happened to change that anyway? In the original vision he was not suposed to see the future)

-Max put his hand in Abe's pudding head on the sewer.

-Sam dancing his way off the office of Papier.

-Agent Superball cries.

Here are the ones that i remember. Im not counting any of the FV that you took action to prevent.

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  • Yeah, what happened to the sam dancing? Unless that links to the earlier vision in 303...

  • @omiyage said: -Max put his hand in Abe's pudding head on the sewer.

    That only happens in the PS3 version.

  • @omiyage said:
    -Agent Superball cries.

    Oh yeah... i wonder why that one didn't come true.

  • @omiyage said: -Max put his hand in Abe's pudding head on the sewer.

    [In a Bosco-esque way] AAAAAAAARGH.

    EDIT: Additions:
    Toy's! Bosco's store (probably here, but we never got on the street)
    NO! Not the Crysler building (obviously 305)
    I am going to find the guy who murdered my little buddy (probably 303, but never used?)

  • Because as proven in episode one the future changes and can be altered.

    At the point in time it is used it will show what will happen, but things change. For example Sam & Max get to the clone controls so they aren't Paiperwaite's office when Charlie takes control of all the Sams.
    Superball crying is a mystery that could still happen.

  • @Gibbeynator said: That only happens in the PS3 version.

    yeah i saw that on my PS3 XD
    i dont get it why is really different from PS3 ver to Pc

    most of the people said that on PC ver on 301 ending max's head doesnt get on fire

    on PS3 ver .. it does catch on fire

    woow PS3 is getting good stuff :rolleyes:

  • @Falanca said: 301, Sam in Desoto, making a call to someone whom he calls "my love".

    How did you get that? Oh and another one in 301 was Max (acting hypnotised?) mentioning Skunkape the Second, with Sam asking Max what happened to him.

    Oh yeah, and Buster Blaster's future vision was very awesome.

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