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You think ep 304 is the best episode yet?

posted by SlasherMan on - last edited - Viewed by 282 users

I do, it was simply epic everything was top-notch perfect! :D It's my new #1

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  • Yeah definitely the best Sam and Max episode ever

    Being able to directly control Max for the first time was amazing!

  • Yes. You could control Max, control ultimate psychic Max, and Sam was a straight man.

  • It also gets extra points on having the best end boss fight since Bright side of the moon, and best ending/cliffhanger.

  • @Sammy said: Being able to directly control Max for the first time was amazing!

    *cough* 203 *cough*

  • @Hassat Hunter said: *cough* 203 *cough*

    That was Sam in Max's body.

  • Funnily enough, I seem to be the only one who's been consistently impressed by each episode. After each one, my main thought has been 'how are they going to top this?' And each time it was consistently done. I think I really love how much the series has become less about being completely random and is now a proper parody- I'm a huge fan of detective stories of all kinds, from sherlock to Bogart, and this season has just really ridden on that style. I think you can be pretty out there with ideas as long as you stay true to the core wide appealing humour based in this genre, and that's exactly what this season has done, so that it's easy enough for just about anyone to get in on the fun.

    I can only imagine how good 305 will be.

  • @Sammy said: That was Sam in Max's body.

    We were still controlling Max.

    Unless someone wants to bring out the point-and-click isn't direct control discussion out here of course.

  • Best of the Season, or best of the series as a whole?

    Saying episode 304 is better than 301, 302, and 303 does it absolutely NO justice, because that's comparing something exceptional against something exceptionally bad.

    On the other hand, with the rest of the series? That's hard to say. It's definitely up there, in the top three or five episodes of Sam and Max. No longer is Season Three marinating in its own failure at the very bottom of the list, the Season actually has a REALLY GOOD episode sitting on a golden throne with the rest of the greats. It had excellent puzzles, generally great use of camera angles, it had a well-done story, the humor was top-notch and intelligent in places, the whole thing finally came together wonderfully. No element was simply riding the other to half-competency, it all worked together to finally create something worth playing, which is certainly an understatement.

  • Out of interest, why do you consider the other episodes to be so bad? I can see that some people may not be happy with the feeling that each one isn't quite as revelatory due to this being a longer reaching story arc in comparison to other seasons, but writing and gameplay wise this season has been the strongest TellTale game to date, with or without episode 4.

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