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Sam&Max: Situation Comedy won't play fullscreen

posted by Zomby on - last edited - Viewed by 319 users

I've installed S&M Ep2 and I've had no problem with the install or the activation. However when starting the game I get Gametap and Telltale logos then boom, the game minimize itself. Trying to bring it back will only get me about a second of music (no picture) and it minimizes again. By deleting the prefs.prop file I am able to play in windowed mode but I like to play my games fullscreen. I tried the game on my kid's computer and it works fine, fullscreen and all. Culture Shock plays correctly on both computers.

I have a Pentium D 820, 2 GB RAM, Radeon X800 Pro (Catalyst 6.12), Sound Blaster X-Fi, Windows XP Pro SP2

Any toughts?

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