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The REAL question is...are we getting a series/III recap at the start?

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And/or a preview of each upcoming episode/sequel at the end of each installment game?

That's a trademark I didn't see come up in the survey :D. Albeit, the first film obviously had no such thing, and IIRC the third flick was developed concurrently with the second.

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  • It would be kind of nice to see the 'To Be Continued<===' at the end of episodes and the 'To Be Concluded<===' before the final episode in a season.

  • I approve this message


  • I was pissing myself when I heard about this, "Holy Crap! One my favourite films."

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I'm not so sure about this being the "real" question.

    However, something I could think of and love, is a "remake" of BTTF III's ending sequence, with just a tiny bit more information which could spark a new series. Essentially, I'm looking for the same effect as at the beginning of BTTF II, when Biff sees the flying DeLorean (and in BTTF I's ending, he didn't ;) ).

    It would actually be quite the fitting narrative device to get gamers used to the graphical style of the game. If the engine can do the end of BTTF III, wer're more likely to beliebe it could do BTTV IV (or whatever you'd like to call it. ;) ) as well.

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