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Something weird...

posted by RingmasterJ5 on - last edited - Viewed by 467 users

I have recently noticed a weird thing on the forums. Lots of new users seem to have "adsigs". I have seen links to casinos, online dating, and sports betting sites. Their posts look sloppy. I'm not talking about stuff like Highway's "Cultural Zest" sig, these users seem very suspicious. Can someone at Telltale look into this?

EDIT: Also, user Loga posted this on the forum game "Better than it sounds"

@Loga said: A GAME YOU'RE PLAYING GOT SPOILED! See how easy it is to press a spoiler tag out of curiosity? Don't do it again.

That is user Ray-The-Sun's signature. That was posted in the thread for no apperent reason. Also, Loga's sig has links to "Online Bookmakers" and " Online Sports Betting."

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