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A Review Because of lack of them for ep2! *SPOLIERS*

posted by Trixie on - Viewed by 73 users

I have just finished ep2 second time(for Easter eggs) so i feel honorable to do the revew(and because no other revew is up but there ya go!).
I will do this a Professional as possible,

Fun:8.0, Brill but not the best!
I Get the jokes and they are humerous but i know more funnyer games made.

Graphics: 8.0, Mainly One Point
The graphics isn't Like the Big graphical games like Quake 4 and the strangly infamous Need for speed carbon but it has a cartoony look to the world/People etc. and for being based ON a comic, it's good graphics, yet cartoony!

Gameplay: 6.0 Makes Sense if you look.
It's SHORT for being episodic/full one episode game, but as this is season 1, a possible season 2 will be a bit longer after the summer. Maybe even a graphic upgrade!

Sound: 7.0-?.? It's the C.D version!
7.0 is there for the Download version, ?.? is incase the forums is used to upgrade products. It's brill sound for me but can use a bit of a tune-up.

Value: 9.0 for the Season version!
Not really much i can say for this point, READ THE OTHERS!

AD Credit(i made it up for personal use, like a how adventureus it is thing):8.0
I made it up so this is confusing! This is a adventureus game with quite alot of strange/wonderous/unexpected things happens

Overal: 8.5 Can't Be beaten!

Anyone Also revewing Please use this Thread!
Thanks for Reading!

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