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New BTTF Story ??

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I have been a big bttf fan since the release of the original movie . i can answer almost any question reguarding the Movies , ride and products relating to BTTF but my questions are..
1, is this going to be a free roam , online game where you can go to any time , do anything ... or
2, will it be a set script that you follow ...
3, and if it is a set script will it be a copy of the original movie / movies

as a fan i would be happy with a new story setting off as Martys (2015 ) son . he knows about his dads adventures through time as marty told them to him as bed time stories but thought they were just stories untill . doc brown parked his car out side the house to get 1985 jennifer ( before old biff steals the delorean ) marty jr sees the car and instantly realises his dads stories were true .... using the car sets off (into the future )causing a few problems for himself so goes back to 2015 to find Doc to help him sort his problems out " but dont tell Dad " cries Marty Jr...
I am Glad to hear this Game is comming out ...any send me a beta for testing bugs ( i did some work for Take Two in Edinburgh with Alex wright )

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