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Missing (backordered?) T-Shirt

posted by Javi-Wan Kenobi on - last edited - Viewed by 271 users

A week ago, I wrote this email to Telltale's Support
I placed an order on May 5, 2010 (Order #), using the Puzzle Agent offer to have a discount on the other stuff I bought (although the shipping cost was almost as many as the discount...)
That order was backordered during a couple of months, and finally shipped on July 13 (my birthday, btw!). It finally arrived a couple weeks ago, but incomplete, with a note that said that Max & Crossbones T-Shirt still was backorderd.
Any news on when may I expect to receive it? I hope I will not have to pay shipping again for it...
So far, I've only received the automated note 'issue-34382'

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