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How Long should I wait?

posted by LOTR_Dan on - last edited - Viewed by 291 users

I just ordered Sam and Max Episode 1. I downloaded the demo and then I clicked on the link to buy the game. Awesome. I thought that this would register my game right there, but I doesn't seem so. It still wants to know if I want to buy the game, so I guess I'm not registered. However, I don't have a code or anything.

I'm waiting for my E-Mail now. I'm just curious how long I should wait to get the E-Mail. Hopefully I'll get the E-Mail right after I post this and I'll feel silly. But I just wanna know when I'm gonna get my E-Mail.

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  • Question for you - did clicking the link to buy the game take you straight into a checkout process, or did it link you to our online store?

    Buying straight from the demo should unlock your game automatically (assuming you went straight into the checkout process and not into the online store), so that's why I'm curious.

    I looked up your order and the payment has not settled on our end yet. Not sure why it's taking so long, but you won't get your confirmation email until that happens. In the meantime, you can try clicking "I've already purchased this" and entering your order number (4827595000) and password to activate, or if that doesn't work, click Activation Support and follow the instructions.

  • Awesome, it worked. Thanks a lot. I'm not sure why it didn't activate either, but now it's working just fine. Thanks for the quick reply!

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