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Laptop Compatibility

posted by babacon on - last edited - Viewed by 108 users

My laptop meets all the system reqs posted for tmi, but when i downloaded the game demo the sound was delayed a little in comparison to the mouth movements in the game. Is this a problem that would be fixed if i bought the game, or is it a problem with my laptop?
Also, if i download the game on this laptop and find that it isn't any better than the demo in terms of that problem, will i be able to transfer the game to a different computer at that point or am i stuck with it here?

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  • Try changing the graphic quality settings. Maybe at a lower resolution or lower quality setting the game runs better on your laptop.
    If you buy the game, you can install it on several computers (I don't know if there's a limit, but I've installed Puzzle Agent on about 5 computers -my two home computers and at least 3 more on my job- without problem!), as long as you have internet conection to activate it the first time you play on each computer.
    Even you can share saved games between computers.

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