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Upping your frame rate

posted by Larrin on - last edited - Viewed by 251 users

I'm looking for help on improving the speed of the game for computers that have crappy integrated video cards like mine. The game runs pretty well, but sometimes gets choppy, especially on the street, I would suppose because it is so large. I put the graphics settings all the way down and on the lowest resolution, and I play in windowed mode which seems to speed it up some as well. I wish there were a way like back in the olden days when you could use a boot disk to only load what you needed to run the game. Anyone else have any tips on making the game run faster?

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  • Try turning off as many unnecessary background tasks as possible (quick way to access a number of them is to right click on the small icons in windows lower-right (to the left of the clock)), most of the icons there will have an option to turn-off / close / disable. They'll be back next time you restart your PC.

    This should free up a bit of ram which may help the game runa bit faster.

  • Playing in 800x600 can make a huge difference, even though it doesn't quite seem to make a huge difference in other games.

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