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Asking the Community: A Gathering of Friends

posted by Alan Johnson on - last edited - Viewed by 735 users

Ok, so this is kind of random but I figure, if there's anybody that would know about a tightly knit group of people, it's the Telltale community.

My question to all of you fine people is simple:

What would you call a gathering of your group of friends or like-minded people to an outsider?

What I mean is, say you're standing at PAX, Comic-Con, Blizzcon, wherever, and a TV reporter approaches you to ask inane questions that will make them look knowledgeable on that night's local news broadcast. How would you identify yourself and your group? Heck, it could even be what you call your group of friends that gets together to play Halo on Friday nights, or meets up every weekend to play some pickup basketball. This doesn't have to be based on any particular interest, (ie. Trekkie, Browncoat). Have fun with your answers!

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