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Kinda off-topic: Trailer for old Sam&Max game

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I've found out you can still download the trailer for the cancelled game from LucasArts site! I don't know why they still have that up in their server, but there it is:
(you need QuickTime)

It's interesting to watch, if you haven't already :)


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  • I bet they keep it up so they can look at it periodically and cry, seeing a lost oppritunity that another company has taken from them.

    Until the Lightsaber game comes out for the Wii, I say !@#$ LucasArts

  • It shows also a huge work about lightning, something we haven't seen yet in Season 1, quarter at night... more dynamic animation (with a jumping max to catch the phone and the camera's moving up and down), and more movie angles and music for cutscenes... that's too bad we missed that... bu we can also see that everything has been rebuilt, in better :)
    Seeing this trailer just make me think that telltale did a good job, but forgot the "show" part of any game... the set is too slackness.

    Thanks a lot OMA for this video :)

  • You can probably still find the higher res version on lucasfiles.

  • and for the ones like me who are too lazy to get QuickTime, i think it's on youtube.

  • Thanks Udvarnoky, I wasn't aware of such a site ^^
    So high res file can be found right there :

  • The trailer looks great, but Max somehow doesn't look right. They really nailed the 3D Max in the new games I think.

    All in all, I'm not too bothered that the Lucasarts game didn't come out, since we do have the Telltale games now. Just a shame that so much material has had to be thrown away.

  • @Lysandus said: The trailer looks great, but Max somehow doesn't look right. They really nailed the 3D Max in the new games I think.

    I agree, however in Freelance Police's defense that trailer was made well before the game was supposed to come out, so it and those two official screenshots we got in, what, 2002, weren't completely representative of how the game would have looked. If you look at the later screens that surfaced around the time of the cancellation, both character's models look better. Notably Max's crazy triangle teeth were corrected.

  • They had a lot more money for freelance police..all the videos from it looked great..the cancellation still hurts because that game would have been a true follow up to hit the road as opposed to these episodes coming out now..

  • LucasArts were looking at splitting Sam & Max Freelance Police up into episodes themselves. I participated in a survey asking all sorts of questions about exactly that not too long before the cancellation.

    Freelance Police would have been as 'true' a follow-up as Telltale's ones.

  • I could be remembering incorrectly, but I think the idea of selling Freelance Police episodically was nixed early on its life. The survey was probably related to the possibility of releasing downloadable Sam & Max content after the main game was released. I don't have the best memory but I recall the "It's going to be sold online in parts" rumor surfacing and disappearing around the time the game was announced.

    The game did at least sound to be structured episodically...six self-contained episodes feeding into a larger story was the description we got and that's exactly what Season 1 is. Hero1 probably thinks it would have been closer to a direct sequel to Hit the Road than Telltale's games are, and he might be right, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was the best way to make a new Sam & Max game. Obviously we don't know what that game's puzzle difficulty was like so assumptions shouldn't be made there.

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