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Awaiting my E-Mail

posted by Tentux on - last edited - Viewed by 494 users

Hi, I'm experiencing the same problems as LOTR_Dan was in his post here (his thread)...

Still waiting, and fear I might've paid twice but we can resolve that later! Right now I'm excited at the prospect of playing the game :D

Can someone help me out? No E-mail yet...

Let me check again, once more...

Nope, nothing :(

Bully those payment gateway people to make things work proper - it's causing me frustration!

Help!! Help!!

Edit: I ordered the Sam and Max Episode One via the game (and also through the website) - yet no e-mail as promised, plus the order page that confirms your payment tells you that you'll get an email - but they could at least tell you the order number!

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  • All settled now thanks to Emily! Cheers!

  • Yep, you should be all set now. :)

    Just so people know, you won't get a confirmation email until payment has settled in the system, and sometimes that can take a few hours. (Don't know why, because sometimes it's immediate...)

    If you bought the game through the demo version, you can activate the demo by clicking "I've already purchased this" and entering the order number and password. (The order number can be a problem if you didn't get your confirmation email yet, I know, although it does show up on the screen at the end of checkout.)

    If you bought the game through our online store, you can download using the button at the end of the checkout process, and the game should activate automatically when you launch it, even if the payment has not settled yet.

  • Instead of opening a new topic I gathered using the same one shouldn't hurt.

    I purchased the entire season 1 this morning, around 8:30-ish I think, however that was before I registered an account on
    Same as above I haven't received any confirmation via email (the same one I used for this account), yet upon checking my credit card details online the amount due has already been credited.
    I didn't get an order number either...

    Checking the my orders page I can't find any trace of what I purchased either, does that have something to do with the fact that I only registered an account AFTER the purchase? Both times (for the purchase and the registration) I used the exact same emailaddress. Already checked my spambox, even though I got the registration mail directly without going it being filtered as spam by GMail.

    I also tried the Find My Order thread, telltalegames' tracker won't work seeing as I have no order number, and's using my email and last 5 cc digits tells me I have no order number...

    *Edit* Figures... I post something on a board, and seconds later the mail arrives... sorry ;-)

  • Haha... no problem. :)

    It seems that there has been a little delay lately between when the charge shows up on an online credit card statement and when the payment settles in our system (which is the event that triggers the confirmation email). It's frustrating because the online purchase experience is supposed to be immediate, but just so everyone knows, it's happening and it's generally not a problem.

  • I hope you don't mind me using this thread, thought it would be better than starting another one on the same subject.

    I have done the same thing as Tentux, except that I know that I've paid twice. Sorry, I just get a little impatient sometimes. I'll know better next time.

    I was hoping that you could tell me who to contact to help me either get a refund or get the money put towards episode 3. Either would be great.



  • Hey Carrot_mop, I'll fix you up. Watch for a PM from me in a few minutes.

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