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Here's an idea i nabbed from another forum.

1. Go to wikipedia.
2. Press "Random Page"
3. This is your band name.
4. Press "Random Page"
5. This is the name of your band's album.
6. Press "Random Page" 12 more times.
7. These are the names of the songs on your album.
8. Post all of this here.

P.S. You can ignore lists, category pages and any overly long names (or people's names if they keep coming up, but sometimes you get real gems) and you can remove subtitles (eg if it's specifying it's a game or a novel or a movie or whatever) but otherwise don't cheat =)

My Attempt
Band:Biche of Balazote
Album:Sichuan pepper
[*]Shenyang J-5
[*]Hamman's syndrome
[*]Polystira vibex
[*]Welsh poetry
[*]Wallack's Theatre
[*]Shakumbhri Devi
[*]Alien Radio
[*]Spanish Christmas Lottery

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  • Band:The Man Who Could Be Santa
    Album:Walt Stanchfield
    [*]Saprang Kalayanamitr
    [*]2001 World Figure Skating Championships
    [*]Seema Biswas
    [*]Pilonidal cyst
    [*]Larantuka Malay
    [*]A. W. Tozer
    [*]Francis Throckmorton
    [*]The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

  • Band:Bosna (sausage)
    Album:House of Tosny

    1.Ribiş River
    2.Steve Levin (councilman)
    3.1923–24 FA Cup
    4.Ban Khlong
    5.Chimmony Wildlife sanctuary
    6.Joel B. Michaels
    7.1986 European Athletics Championships – Women's shot put
    8.Robert of Normandy
    9.List of mayors of Launceston
    10.Trevor Graham
    11.Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School
    12Hero the younger

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    band:Carol Leigh
    album:Crataegus cupulifera
    1.Bras d'Or Lake
    2.Astrological gardening
    3.Prisoners Abroad
    4.Christian Endeavor Society
    5.Independent Citizens' Election Committee
    6.Josef Marek
    8.Pulmonary hematoma
    10.Battle of Montreal
    11.Coat of arms of Prussia
    12.Capitán Miranda

  • Band:Taj Mahal
    Album:Greg Weiner
    [*]Courtney Whitmore
    [*]Elvetham Heath
    [*]Kyle Cooper
    [*]Divide and Rule
    [*]Charles Suckling
    [*]Myanmar at the Asian Games
    [*]John Mathai
    [*]Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)
    [*]Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences

  • Band: Leelee Sobieski
    Album: Rhombichthys
    [LIST=1][*]Gwassi Constituency
    [*]Martin Schulz
    [*]Lord William Paulet
    [*]Glacial Lake Wisconsin
    [*]Nishat Bagh
    [*]List of Chi Psi brothers
    [*]Hermitage Bridge
    [*]Orientales Ecclesias
    [*]List of Mexicans by net worth

  • Band: Marcelino Guerra
    Album: Blue-hooded Euphonia
    1. Edivere
    2. The Sapphires
    3. Kivertsi
    4. Politics of Gdansk
    5. Twisted & Broken
    6. SAT Airlines
    7. Butanilicaine
    8. Tim Holt
    9. Jive
    10. Live WFMW 91.1
    11. E-mail hosting service
    12. St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

  • Band: Hanna-Barbera's All-Star Comedy Ice Revue
    Album: War song

    1. Api.php
    2. Focus Humanitarian Assistance
    3. Hall Garth Community Arts College
    4. VW 276 Schlepperfahrzeug
    5. Andrés Amado Reygondaud
    6. Pinnotheres
    7. Chuluut River
    8. Global Urban Research Unit
    9. Littleborough and Saddleworth (UK Parliament constituency)
    10. Evans Halshaw
    11. Miyoshiella
    12. Suillus quiescens

  • Band: Proctotrupoidea
    Album: Neolin

    1. Platt Amendment
    2. IBM CPC
    3. Mago
    4. The Troubles in Clady (Tyrone)
    5. Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
    6. Utopia
    7. Fateh Singh
    8. Nové Město nad Metují
    9. Chacraseca
    10. Suffolk County Council
    11. Tennōjuku Station
    12. Batman: Earth One

  • Band: Mohd Hamzani Omar
    Album: Belgrade Theatre
    1. İmarət Qərvənd
    2. Aeolus Railroad Car
    3. Francisco de Aguirre
    4. Global Individual Asset Identifier
    5. Daniel Vidot
    6. Ahrensburger TSV
    7. Capture of HMS Cyane
    8. Australia Versus
    9. Gawłówek, Lesser Poland Voivodeship
    10. Volkswagen Routan
    11. Fred Evans
    12. Monsieur Alfonse

    Fun game. :D

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