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"Treasure Island" - Piratey animated film from Russia

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I figured, fans of humorous pirate adventures would appreciate this.


The animated film "Treasure Island" ("Ostrov sokrovishch") by David Cherkassky, which was released in 1988, has just the right wacky style. It's an interpretation of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson book, but with unexpected humorous twist. It combines both classic animation and filmed footage. The film was quite a huge success in Soviet Union when it was released.

In USA, it was released 1992 under the title "Return to Treasure Island", where the distributor tried everything to hide the fact that this film was in fact from USSR. Also, they cut out all of the real-filmed scenes, replaced the music entirely and added some scenes by re-editing existing material.

Now here I'd like to present the full uncut version of the film, along with English subtitles (translation by me), as part of the Soyuzmultfilm project:

Part 1: Captain Flint's Map


Part 2: Captain Flint's Treasure


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