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I've returned!!! (Yay!)

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Hello old and new forumers alike! You may or may not know/remember me, but that's ok I've been gone since around Late may early June-ish. I've been away for so long because my computer was working like crap. A week or so after I pre-ordered Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse (May 29th) my computer started getting spyware(y) Then one day it complety went bonkers with spam. Fortunely it didn't go to a blue screen. (Or a Compy 386 for that matter) Instead the hard drive needed to be replace and after that, the computer was spyware free!!! So all phsyced and ready to sown load The Penal Zone... But... It was slow... (Thanks to Mr. DSL, It would've of taken 15 hours per episode!) So I had to upgrade to High-Speed, but first I had to wait two months for the payment to expire off the DSL. (mind you, it was june.) So by the time I finally got it all installed in August 23rd I downloaded the Penal Zone in 5 minuets. (BIG difference!) As I played through the first two acts with ease, within about a couple of days. I got stuck on the puzzle at Mesta Pizza. Then it suddenly hit me... THE FOURMS! So I quickly rushed over here and typed this up and, here we are! So sorry for my sudden and unexplanied (until now.) disapearance. I will be here more often as ell as playing through The Devil's Playhouse. (Which is EPIC by the way, kudos to Telltale.) So I hope that cleared that proble up and Thanks for reading! :D

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