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Dear telltale/ the future

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I'v been thinking about this long and hard (Gigity) since I beat the final episode in the devils playhouse and its been bugging me since. Should their be a season 4/ keep going with the series till it HAS to end?

I am not afraid AT ALL that I cried when Sam walked down that street without purpose, as the credits rolled. And I stood up out of my chair when I heard the ding of the time- Oh by the way spoilers, but you should probably know that by now. If not ya dun goofed.- elevator and the two were reunited. It was absolutely possible that this was the finale because we are 3 seasons in and an end would have been understandable albeit very dark considering the lightheartedness of the series in general. Around here is when I started to realize this may be the final moments we get to see Sam and max, And I started to cry a little more, but in kind of a happy way (not like, "ITS OVER HOORAY", but more like it ended well). And then... "Wanna go in the time elevator!?"/ Fight the rat queen!?"

Oh telltale.. you never cease to surprise me. And you also never cease to impress me. It was here I realized Telltale are some of the most creative minds in the world, and are capable of most anything.

Keep making Sam and Max games.

I will probably never say that about any other developer or game series ever again, so I hope that means something.

You have shown that you can take a series with so much potential, and use it all. And you can keep going! You've already come up with two episodes at the end! I wanna fight the banker and play his dastardly game of death and fight the uber rat under the city.

Most things must come to an end. Sam and max, I wouldn't think so. So much creative potential.

So Telltale, you have the almost impossible to not be the greatest thing ever Penny arcade/Sam and max/Team fortress 2/ Strong bad game coming out, whatever it may be, and your priority's are probably all over the place, But I just want you to know, and I think I may speak for the community here, you will always have an audience ready to play the new Sam and max game every month, solving puzzles with the two best detectives around. I know I will.

So their you have it, my love letter to the S&M series and Telltale games in general. I promise If I don't end up going to The Massachusetts institute of technology, I'l apply for work at a place where creative Idea's strive.

You have a talent, keep doing what you do best Telltale.

With much love and respect.

Ryan Berger.
Aka. The Hamburgaler.

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