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City that Dares Not Sleep Slightly Alternate Ending. (GD SPOILERS!!!)

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Ok so, I finished The City that Dares Not Sleep saw the ending, yada, yada, yada. So I had to play it over again and get everything I missed. So anyways, when I finished it for a second time, the ending was slightly different.

Sam leaves his hat up on the railing while looking out at the statue. So, it was all the same up until the Time Traveling Elevator popped up. It opens up and no one is inside! Sam looks around in it, and then Max pops up behind him, also looking inside. He says "Oh, hey Sam". Then the dialogue keeps going about the same, and then Sam and Max get into the elevator, talking about this or that. Then it cuts to the hat sitting on the railing, and the sad music plays again. Finally, you hear the ding of the elevator, and Sam's hand picks up the hat, and the pan up with the Sam and Max logo appears. Not game changingly different, but still different.

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