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Your initial thoughts on TDP: Were they right? (spoilers!)

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Back before the season started, we all had predictions. So how close were yours to the final thing? They can either be from back when all we had was four pieces of concept art, or from when we had a trailer and episode names to go be. Anyway, here's what I thought:

[*]When I first saw the Narrator's concept art, I thought he'd be some sort of James Bond-parody detective competing with Sam & Max. (Wrong!)
[*]Up until we learned about the Toys of Power, I thought the Teleportation phone was a toy possessed by a demon or something. This of course would have led to a Sam & Max style exorcism. (Wrong!)
[*]I did guess that Sameth's concept art was of some ancestor of Sam. (Correct!)
[*]I thought the Penal Zone sounded really wrong and wondered if Telltale would take advantage of that. (Correct!)
[*]I thought that Papierwaite was gonna be some sort of rich, overzealous archaeologist. (Kinda right! He did start up the museum and collect things for it.)
[*]I think we all thought that Sal would be a villain. (Wrong!)
[*]I thought that "The Devil's Playhouse" referred to none other than Max's mind. (Pretty much correct!)[/LIST]

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  • -When i read the title of "The Tomb of Sammun-Mak" I suspected that the pharaoh was going to be related to the duo. (Wrong!)

    -I knew ever since I met Sal in 303 that he was NOT going to be the villian, rather the punching bag. (Correct!)
    -I also expected toy possesed by demons nd just appearing in one episode the momen I saw the concept art for the first time. (Wrong!)
    -When I first saw the Sameth art I thought Sam & Max were going to travel back in time again and dress up for the ocassion. (Wrong!)
    -When I saw the trailer for 305 I thought that the floating Max heads were going to help Sam rather than work gainst him. (Wrong!)
    -I thought the Bazooka Max concept art was a spaceship (Dead wrong!)
    -I new Sybil was going to make an appearance eventually (because of her celphone at 301). (Right!)

  • There's only one prediction I had, and it was dead wrong.

    - The Devil's Playhouse is a physical place, and is Papierwaite's theater in modern times.

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    Sparifankerl BANNED

    Well, all my guesses were wrong (at least the ones I can think of)

    - I suspected Superball to be Girl Stinky's mysterious Mr. S
    - Not really a guess, but I thought it would be really cool if Skunkape really was a good guy on a mission of saving the earth/solar system/galaxy, who just got angry at Sam & Max interfering
    - When the credits came in episode 305 I still didn't believe the game was over, but that there would still be a last act where Sam has to rescue Max somehow (just like the season of ToMI wasn't over after the fourth episode). Because Max couldn't be dead for good and I was still missing a puzzle of the "you have to accomplish 3 different things" sort in the last act or a boss fight for that matter.
    - My candidates for the traitor of episode 305 were Superball (usurping the presidency, acting on mysterious orders) or Stinky (which isn't exactly wrong, but probably not what the Narrator meant)

  • The only one correct was about Sameth concept art. I keep thinking "He's not Sam, he doesn't look like Sam...". Everything else, dead wrong.

  • I thought that the Narrator had something to do with Max's mind after Episode 3, but I wrote that one off.

    I thought that we'd get an answer as to who and why someone put Astral Projection in the basement.

    I knew Stinky would die.

    I knew Sal was going to dump Stinky.

    I was wrong that Sam & Max were both going to die.

    I was wrong about Bosco coming back (I think we should make a full discussion on this)

    I thought that all the future visions were going to be answered. I was wrong.

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    Sparifankerl BANNED

    @splash1 said: I thought that all the future visions were going to be answered. I was wrong.

    That's right! I'm still wondering about that pudding Lincoln.

  • Speaking of future visions, it is a shame we never saw Buster Blaster's traveling through space! That would have been cool to see it some how tie dinto 305.

  • haha.png

    This guy's initial thoughts were correct.

  • Well, I hardly recall most predictions ("Ah, giant talking dog" syndrom) but here are some (wrong) guesses:

    * The Devil's Playhouse refers to the world, the playfield of our adventure (semi-wrong though).
    * Sammun-Mak were/was ancestors of Sam and Max, or timetraveling variations of them (wrong).
    * Skunkape would help Sam out in 305 (wrong).
    * Max's brain would be stolen in "They stole Max's brain" (duh).

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