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My Theory Spoilers for those who havent beaten 305

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I have talked a bit on my theory for this game and I sortof thought it would be a good idea to post it in the actual at the inventory threads. I theorize that this is the afterlife for many famous characters and well think about it all of the characters have died in different ways. We all know of max's dramatic death in 305 so there's that for him. Strong bad died in 8-bit is enough and maybe the inventory is like the penal zone where it was many years while the real world it was only a few seconds. Strong bad was a little shocked on how he was revived so it could of been that. The heavy has many many many versions of himself and have died many many many times so that one was obvious and from what ive heard is that tycho has died many times too although i wouldn't know.
This also means that we get to play as the real max one last time.:D

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