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Season 4 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

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I'm addicted to it I need it and it's awesome so after I'm done playing the devils playhouse ten more times when can I expect to pre order season 4

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  • If I may ask further, what's the deal with Chuck, then? Is he running on more of a freelance, hire-by-the-job situation, as opposed to just being a regular Telltale employee?

    I remember his blog mentioning that he was a consultant for a Walking Dead episode, but also vaguely recall hearing other folks mentioning his departure, which would have been a shame, to put it mildly.

    Between Devil's Playhouse and Puzzle Agent 2, the guy really knows how to tell a story.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    @wellgolly wrote:

    If I may ask further, what's the deal with Chuck, then? Is he running on more of a freelance, hire-by-the-job situation, as opposed to just being a regular Telltale employee?

    He is just freelance now, since he left his full time position at Telltale in June 2010. But even then he said that it wasn't his last day ever working with Telltale, just his "last day as a regular full-timer."

    At the time he said that the reason he left his full time position was that he wanted to try out new ideas and try out something more experimental. I'm hoping that something does come from that since I really enjoy Chuck's writing and game design ideas. :)

  • Thanks for the answer! Much appreciated.

    The most frustrating thing about any S&M speculation is how hard it is to gauge your expectations. Or maybe, mine, anyway. If you'd have asked me after the end of Devil's Playhouse, I would have been extremely doubtful that we'd ever see a hint of Sam or Max by 2013. And we've gotten Poker Night 1 and 2, so that was awesome.

    But damn, it's really hard to get an idea of where this franchise is, now. It seems like there's more than enough interest remaining for a sequel. For the length of time since TDP came out, it's impressive how much this forum stays active, and it appears like the internet in general still seems to remember and have fondness for the series. Yet, at the same time, it's not exactly overwhelming either.

    Telltale and Purcell seem to be the same way. There's clearly still some fondness for the characters and series, but then again, it's also like they can't or won't give it more than a passing thought, professionally. It was notably odd how Playhouse never got a soundtrack, when that was arguably their greatest work, yet. So I guess that suggests there were bigger fish to fry, and all that? I was initially really psyched to know Telltale was still willing to represent them in PN2 after all this time, but then interviews came out that said they barely made the cut.

    So it's not like I think there's any chance there's anything under development at the moment, but the bit that's getting at me is:

    Is there still potential life left in this series for Telltale, or is it just a fondly remembered part of their past, like Day of the Tentacle? I don't wanna be here in four years, still wondering if we'll ever see them again.

    It's almost dead, but it never totally dies.

  • Lets hope there's a season 4 coming out sometime soon in the near future! For those of u who wish to still play the Lucas Art Adventure Classics, Use (the SCUMM Emulator) that will allow you to play those great older games on newer PCs with higher operating systems : )

  • Looking forward to it, goodness knows :D A recent IGN article talking about Telltale's acquisition of some "Dream IPs" back at the end of October quoted Kevin Bruner as saying they're working on something with Sam & Max that's "smaller than a full season." He mentioned the Poker Night games as a point of reference on this, but the point is that he said "We love Sam & Max and certainly haven't forgotten about them!" So that's good news :D Glad to hear that there's at least something in the works ^_^

    Here's the url, in case anyone's interested:

  • I hate to burst bubbles, but "I think you'll see" and "not for a bit" seemed to me like it was meant to say that Telltale still had interest in S&M, and was speculating on its future.

    Hopefully not, though! And either way, just to learn they're still open to using the duo (hearing how they barely made it into Poker Night 2 worried me) was pretty fantastic.

  • Yep, it is great to hear :D Any hope is good to have, I think ^_^

  • Stopped by and did my regular check on the thread, I'll say if any of my business ventures make it out okay I just might have to make the fourth installment myself. If anything at least do Hit The Road remake. But rest assured it won't be anything like Robcop or that god forsaken Footloose. I would like to go back to ideas for the forth game. Have to say I would still like the sleuthing duo go east, far east. Their take on Asian culture should make for some gut ripping laughs.

  • I'd LOVE to see that :D I started working on a "Sam & Max in Japan" fanfiction, but seeing them there in a game would be even better.

    And on a side note, it's my speculation that Max can speak a number of languages; he's already shown he can speak French, Spanish, and Czech, and that was in Poker Night 2 alone! :D I could imagine him being the interpreter XD

  • That makes me want to get poker night 1 and 2. Looks like I'll be on the steam network this next weekend.

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