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Monkey Island... with South Park characters!

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Since someone has done Monkey Island with ponies, I thought that I would do the South Park version of Monkey Island! For those not in the know, South Park is an adult cartoon made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and started in 1997. So anyway, here are pics of the South Park character version of Tales of Monkey Island, and we start out with Guybrush Threepwood in his late 20s:

SouthParkToMIGuybrush.jpg a ghost in the Crossroads:


...and in his zombie form:


And here's Guybrush's wife Elaine Marley-Threepwood as a normal pirate:

SouthParkElaineMarley-Threepwood.jpg her poxed state:

SPPoxInfectedElaine.jpg LeChuck's demon bride:


...and in her no-longer-demonic state, yet still in her black bridal gear:


And here's Human LeChuck in his seemingly good-natured state:


Reginald Van Winslow:


Morgan LeFlay:


And finally, the Marquis De Singe in a wig:


...and in his turban while crazed up by the "Jus de Vie":


So in fact, you can create your own South Park versions of MI characters by using the website here:

So tell me what you think. ;)

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