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SM305 on Mac, black screen tomi save loaded

posted by pwblaine on - last edited - Viewed by 144 users

i too ve been getting almost non-stop crashes with sam & max season 3 (still, i've played through the season 3 times now even with the crashings). Not sure this happens to anyone else, but the game will freeze up, often during loading of a scene or dialog or menu screen, and when i load up my save upon reopening the game, it tells me on my save game that Sam & Max are on "Flotsam Docks." As far as I know, this isn't supposed to be any sort of crazy Sam & Max/TOMI crossover, as when the save loads i'm greeted with a black screen but still the cursor and ui.

Damn, and here I was hoping to see Sam & Max launch the screaming narwharl in search of LeChuck & Elaine. Admit it, you know you'd play that.

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  • awww... no one wants to help fix my problem :(
    really though, it's a huge issue,
    and i've noticed it in every episode in season 3
    combine the force quits with the loss of any autosaved progress
    and you've got a recipie for disaster,
    if i wasn't such a diehard fan, i doubt I would've started over time and time again
    really it needs to be looked into, it's a huge problem

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    Could you maybe try going to windowed mode and back, like this guy suggests as a fix for another problem and which seemed to work in this other case (of a similar, although not exactly the same problem)?

  • i definately did try, sadly, i think it's a different issue. whenever my sam and max starts running choppy a quick windowed mode and back usually solves the problem. in this case, there's already been a force crash that's taken place, and upon reopening the application, my save data has been completely corrupted and somehow merged with my tales of monkey island save data. when i try to load it, i have an interface, and use it, but i'm in an all black room with no items, and it thinks i'm on "flotsam docks" i tend to think this is more of a save game error than a graphical one. but yeh windowed doesn't change the black room issue unfortunately, the only thing that helps so far is loading an old save if i have one or just deleting my save and starting over. really lame.

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    DjNDB Moderator

    It's probably a good idea if you attach a savegame of that situation.

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