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Sam & Max / Mac / Parallels Desktop

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Does anyone know if Sam and Max will work with an iMac running Parallels Desktop?


It runs Windows on Macs. Im dying to play this game but im a mac user. I'd rather not use boot camp, I hear parallels is way better and secure. I was wondering if anyone has tried this? if not, has anyone made it work with Bootcamp? or any other such programs?

Thanks! :D

oh and telltale, PLEASE try and get a release for Mac, it would kick @ss.

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  • Parallels Desktop can't handle graphic acceleration for the moment. The next major release will do, and we all hope it will work well. For the moment, we have tried Crossover, but atuthentication is not supported (someone told cracked version works but I only tried with mine, and I wasn't able to acces the launcher). For the moment, only BootCamp can do...
    I play Season 1 with BootCamp, it works perfectly, all graphics up, max resolution checked, authentication works... remember, BootCamp is nothing else than Windows. And bugs or limitation you can have with are not up to your mac or Apple, but only the OS ^^

    (I'm using an iMac CoreDuo 20")

  • nice... yea, im using the same exact thing (iMac 20").

    Is bootcamp free? Might as well get that for the time being so I can play finally... im dying to play some of my favorite PC games on my Mac.

    Thanks for the help Yohmi!

  • Bootcamp is free because it's beta (I don't know what they could add, but it's beta), you'll be forced to pay if you want to use the last stable release when Leopard will be out. But it'll be free in Leopard. (I hope you understood ^^)

  • Awesome!

    Random question does Sam & Max run in widescreen?

  • Nope, it's all 4:3.

    Will Sam & Max games ever support widescreen? Maybe someday, but not right now! :( ... :)

  • its alright, TTG will still get my money. Well worth it too! ;-)

    now to get Windows running on my Mac. Wish me luck!

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