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wondering Question

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Hey everyone

am i still welcome here or not

just wondering?

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  • By some people, no. By some, yes so long as this business of starting non-threads stops. :)

  • I don't mind if you stay. Just try not to start any threads that are similar to ones you've already started because some people don't like it.

    The forum moderators might not want you to stay, though, because it circumvents your ban.

  • Please just read this and you should be fine.

  • the ones who don't know how much $80s is don't welcome you.

  • @Hayden said: Please just read this and you should be fine.

    Hell... Half of the "respected" members don't do that.... particularly this part...

    IV. Don't attempt to destroy a discussion because you don't think it's worth discussing.

    This basically covers the times where someone spots a thread they don't think should exist, and then does whatever they can to shut down any kind of constructive discussion that might occur there. This can include (but is not limited to) overtly asking why the thread exists in said thread, being mean to the original thread poster or respondents, deliberately trying to steer discussion towards something unrelated to the original topic, posting super-negative responses without a good reason (i.e., if it doesn't match the tone of the thread), or requesting a lock/deletion publicly while others are still trying to have a discussion. This does not mean you can't get in touch with us if you have a problem with a thread.

  • I agree, hardly anyone respects that guideline here. Isn't it easier to not post in a thread than saying something like "omg, why don't you use google, moron?"

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