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Adventure Pack install issue Visual C++ 2005 Redistrib?!?

posted by mbacon on - last edited - Viewed by 105 users

I continue to receive an error during the Visual C++ portion of the downloader install that tells me a resource is no longer available.

Now I've checked and the Vis C++ is current on MS website at 2008 not 2005 and Vista can't seem to locate the msi file locally or on the internet even though I can locate the temp version the installer creates through a manual search.

All this causes the installer to fail it's installation every time. The installer does appear for me but every time I try and download a game and hit the install button on the downloader the whole app freezes.

Not sure where to proceed from here. Anyone have any suggestions?

PS: The download button for Puzzle Agent does not appear as it does for the other titles.

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