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Sam & Max on Piano!

posted by titanicpiano14 on - last edited - Viewed by 130 users

Telltale should do a remake of the original Sam & Max Hit the Road game by Lucas Arts! Check out my rendition of Dino Bungee National Memorial from Sam & Max Hit the Road! I'd love to compose a jazz soundtrack for a video game in the near future!

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  • Great piano play! Wonderful!
    You certainly have the skills to pull of a soundtrack for any jazz-themed video game, from the sound of it.. ;)
    Keep it up!

  • Thanks! I love composing and improvising jazz! I am composing for 2 video games now, for free and I am contracted to do a soundtrack for a YouTube video involving the Titanic. But, I have to compose classical soundtracks for the games and video. I perform my jazz compositions at college with the ensemble- so much fun to improv! Hopefully I can get a video game project that involves creating a jazz soundtrack!

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