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as you can see this article is pretty poor... my suggestion is:

-rent a domain called something like
-make us do the rest... SAM has enough fans to be able to make a huge wikipedia like website... (it boosts the ratings too :D:D )

The site would contain information about different locations, characters, tricks, easter eggs, etc. in HTR as well as the new game. Telltale's engine would be explained and so on.

We would all contribute... and it would be a cool thing!

even homestar runner has his own... why can't we??

Matt from Slovenia (reffered to as Si in future)

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  • Can't people submit changes to the Wikipedia article you linked to? I thought that was how Wikipedia worked.

    It's a great idea to get more info in the wiki... I'm just not sure it requires a separate domain.

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    Sure... but you can't have as many links and articles as most of us would like on

    that is why we would like a seperate domain... the h*r example i posted below has TONNES of links to different articles... that's what i'm talking about...


  • But the Homestar Runner site also has tons of pages, characters, animations, games, and what not. Sam & Max simply isn't such a huge universe, even though our Freelance Policemen have been in comics, cartoons and games. I think does a great job on giving information on Sam & Max, so I'm not sure if we'd need a separate wiki for that.

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    [quote]... I think does a great job on giving information on Sam & Max, so I'm not sure if we'd need a separate wiki for that.[/quote]


    But administrators of could easily put a wiki, like or something like that. Anyone happens to know any admins from the Putting up a wikimedia system is rather easy job.

  • [quote]Anyone happens to know any admins from the[/quote]

    I don't think you have to look too far... :))

  • Heh yes I'm one of the two webmasters of (the other one, David "Metallus" Eggers, doesn't work for Telltale, though he is awesome). We've been meaning to get all of its information up to date for a while but haven't found the time... soon.

    As for a wiki, I don't entirely see the point given that most available information is contained within and (and the various wikipedia entries on Sam & Max) already, leading to reduncancy, though I guess it could be worth doing simply because a wiki would be fun.

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    Ooo, fun. I like fun :D

    Also a wiki would make it all look more official, possible be easier to navigate if all the info was all in one place and because people are more used to the interface (although is really good, I found many interesting factoids on it), and be easier to update because anyone can.

    Well, basically I think a wiki would be B-)

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    I threw some updates on the Wiki, just like any of you can do, add your own stuff or edit my junk, THATS WHAT WIKI IS ALL ABOUT! See those little [edit] links next to sections, or the "EDIT THIS PAGE" tab at the top? You can click those, its part of the fun.

  • Ooh, thanks for the updates!

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