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Sam & Max: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak Game Breaker

posted by dokeyfunk on - last edited - Viewed by 259 users

The bust of sammun-mak is missing. It's not in it's original place (there's no switch there either) and not in my inventory.

After some frustrating searches, I gave up and looked at a walkthrough. The bust ought to be accessible, but isn't. I only have 1 save-game (played a lot of hours).

Is there any fix for this, or do I have to start all over?

I use PS3.

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  • Second episode has a game breaking bug I'm afraid. It happens when you leave the bust onto the middle spot and then changing Max into a cow. This somehow removes the bust.

    I'm afraid you have to start over.

  • That's quite depressing really. Oh well, hopefully it will go faster now I've found out the solutions.

    Before I continue on episodes 3-5, are there gamebreaking bugs known in those episodes? Or should I just use caution-saving all the time?

  • Dang, I ran into the same bug.

    So, really, I have to start over?! SnM Season 3 has become a real test of my patience, first I had loads of unmotivated crashes, and now this sh*t. :(

    Anyone from telltale care to say anything on this? Workaround? Patch?

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