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How much of your personality is actually intellect?

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Well, back in the days of the cave men, where women and man were just like brothers and sisters to apes/ monkeys...(whatever) what consisted as a personality? Is there a real personality, before there was up bringing, culture, etc etc?

How much is a personality actually natural based on natural responses as a organic, biological human, as opposed to a socially constructed, science witty, educated, body of ideas, perception, human being?

Did cave men and women have distinctive personalities from each other, could we ever know?

How much of the personality is actually from your intellect?

If you were raised by a pack of wolves would you have a personality? Would it be considered a personality, how would you again define some one's personality that was grown and developed from wild animals? From

If I was a wild animal that humped everything with no restraint and control would that be a personality trait?

How do you perceive, define, redefine?

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