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Sam & Max 301-305 on Steam/Win7 won't run

posted by vulcanworlds on - last edited - Viewed by 80 users

Hi! I got Sam & Max 301-305 the other day via Steam and none are playable. I verified the game cache. Any suggestions? I run Win7 Home Premium 64-bit on an Alienware Area-51 ALX with ATI Radeon 5870, 2X19" lcds, 100gb SSD, a few 1gb drives and a 2gb, etc. -- should not be a problem. I play TF2 all night long as well as many others on Steam (Borderlands, CSS, Garry's Mod, L4D, Alien Swarm, HL, Red Faction, Zombie Panic, etc.).

All drivers are updated incl DirectX 11. Maybe there are some load paramteres I need for it to work. Any help would be appreciated...

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